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Should you get “Transitions” lenses?

First, what are they?  What are Transition Lenses?
They are photochromic eyeglass lenses that start off nearly clear, and darken when exposed to UV.  The current technology is far superior to the lenses of years ago that never truly lightened.  Indoors, you will find it impossible to guess who has Transitions lenses in their eyeglasses.

Transitions lenses reduce the need to carry around sunglasses all the time.  They offer a variable tint, comfortable lens for most situations. You still may want to consider a pair of polarized sunglasses for in the car.  Your windshield glass blocks most UV so although your Transitions lenses darken a little, they do not get sunglass dark in the car.

Some other great features of Transitions lenses are:  They block UVA and UVB which helps decrease your risk for cataracts.  They come in different tints: grey, brown, and green.  They come in many different lens materials as well. There are Transitions lenses that start off darker and get darker:  XTRActive and even Vantage lenses which turns into a polarized sunglass.

View this video about the most common Transitions Lens:

Of course, no one feature fits all, but Transitions lenses have been hard at work to offer enough choices that almost everyone can benefit from them.  Our knowledgeable optical staff at Colchester Eye Care and Hebron Eye Care will be happy to discuss the different options and show you samples so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for you!