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Read Our Reviews – Colchester

2017 Reviews

20170522 122914I could ramble on and on! Colchester Eye Care (and Dr. Dempsey, in particular) have been my one and only eye care practice for almost 20 years. Local, knowledgeable, friendly, fun , compassionately caring, patient, kind, available when it's urgent, down to earth, warm, welcoming...I'm sure I could list another dozen descriptors. When a patient walks into a doctor's office and hears, "Judy's here", with a cheerful shout, why would I want to go anywhere else? J.P.


Great visit. You are such a kind and thoughtful doctor! L.N.

Love this place. Everyone is professional and helpful. J.E.

I told my mom to make an appointment just because everyone was so nice and the doctor took extra time to help me since it was my first visit. The receptionists were super nice and friendly toward me and my son!! R.L.

This entire staff makes you feel like family! B.P.

Don't change a thing!! D.G.

As always, efficient and courteous. Thank You! R.K.

I can't say enough how much I loved the office. From the greeting to goodbye it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend this office over and over. J.B.

Excellent customer service! Quality medical care!! Thank you K.C.

I moved from Colchester to Niantic in 2013 and had an eye exam locally in 2015. I decided to return to Colchester Eye Care because of the excellent experience and eye care I received in the past. D.M.

Thank you for the compassionate care that each one of the staff gives! P.B.

I deliberately scheduled my next appointment so that I could see Dr. Sadanowicz after the birth of her baby. I like her that much! P.B.

CEC is the best! Feel like I'm going to see new friends rather than a "doctors office". Thank you! T.T.

I was seen for an urgent eye issue. I'm very happy with her diagnosis and remedy. Will definitely return to this office for eye care. R.C.

Everyone was very friendly! L.S.

The staff was very friendly and Dr. Dempsey was great. Fantastic job all around. R.M.

Excellent friendly staff. We use Colchester Eye Care for all our families eye care needs. Highly recommended. R.L.

Very friendly and informative overall staff. R.G.

I love you guys!! G.L.

The staff at Colchester Eye Care is exceptional. This past weekend I had an unexpected infection in my eye that suddenly appeared and was very painful and scary. Dr. Wederking was on call and immediately got back me (early on a Saturday morning) and had me come right in so she could check it out. I was so incredibly thankful for her quick decision and expertise. She not only prescribed exactly what I needed, she called to check on me to make sure I was better and followed up with a quick appt within three days. Exceptional and highly recommended. C. H.

Very satisfied with services and visit with MD ,Will make appointments for other family members in the near future thanks  L.F.

I was pleased with my recent visit and will continue to bring my business and others to this establishment. D.F.

I have never been to a doctors office where the entire office staff and doctors are equally nice, professional, concerned and compassionate about each and ever patient that comes into the office. I drive 45 min to your office and it is never an inconvenience as I know I will have accomplished what was necessary with my eye care. I wanted to treat dry eye, astigmatism and be able you have the option of wearing contacts. After less than a year as a new patient, thanks to your team it has been accomplished. And did I mention how fabulous the office and optical staff are!....such a nice experience. Thank you!  D.Z.

Office staff is very pleasant. Dr. S. is good at explaining all details of the exam. I am very comfortable with her and do not feel rushed. D.G.

We're so glad to have such an amazing practice in our little town!! K.A.

Outstanding visit. Everything was perfect  J.B.

Dr. Dempsey is always thorough and spends time explaining your problems. Extremely personable and professional. Would recommend this office if you are looking for a physician who cares about his patients.  P.Z.

Clean comfortable and friendly!! Nice place. D.G.

Dr. Dempsey makes you feel like you are his only patient. He is very concerned about eye care and takes the time to explain every detail. J.J.

I have received excellent care for many years. I always recommend Colchester Eye Care. T.J.

everybody was very friendly and accommodating  G.G.

Absolutely blessed to have been introduced to Prokera...The results floored me! I will be talking about this procedure to all my friends! Amazing what stem cells can do!! Wish the government would lighten up and let the professionals do their research... Imagine the infinite amount of possibilities; Thanks doc for all you do for me and for putting up with my shenanigans!!! -E.T.


Nice touch with the tea and coffee station and the music selection was very soothing M.E.

Dr. Kassandra is very professional and makes you feel comfortable D.G.

I am happy to by a patient of Dr Dempsey. The care received by everyone at the office is friendly and professional. G.T.

Dr. Dempsey always excellent with his professional examination and explanation. Always grateful.  M.S.

I Thank All of you for being so kind and personable. I didn't feel like just another patient. I had contact three time either on the phone or email before I went in for my appt. This doesn't happen in other places. Dr. Sadanowicz explained things to me as she went along which is something else that was never done where I used to go. Someone took the time to look up my insurance coverage and found I had a 30% discount on glasses which I also did not know. I really appreciated that!! I had been very concerned as I could not see to drive well and thought there was something very wrong. I am now confident that with your help we will get the correct lenses for me. I appreciate you all. Patients need to feel they are not cattle coming and going and your office is a delightful change. I will surely recommend your business. P.H.

Could not be happier! L.B.

Dr. Dempsey’s willingness to work with me in spite of insurance deficiencies is unparalleled and appreciated. Thank you. B.C.

Thanks for being there for our community for 20 years! J.D.

Always a pleasure seeing all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  M.G.

Alexandra is an awesome eye doctor !!!!!  W.F. I have been a patient of Dr. Dempsey for 20 years. Throughout this time, he, and his staff, have always provided me with excellent care, professional courtesy and sincere concern for my overall health and vision. He never hesitated to recommend second opinions, to refer me to specialists when needed and always followed up with these physicians to ensure I was provided the necessary care to resolve the medical issues affecting the health of my eyes. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Dempsey chose to practice medicine in this area and feel I am able to see better as result of his exceptional care. I would highly recommend, and have over the years, to prospective patients that they choose this office and/or the Hebron Eye Care office, as your primary eye care physicians. E.Z.

I would love for her (Dr. Sadanowicz)  to be my doctor always!!! she is wonderful and explains everything to you so you have a clear understanding. I also want to start making my appt for the Colchester office only!!! LOVE THAT OFFICE!!!!!!!  D.S.

The office is beautiful and the staff is amazing.  S.S.
You are all true professionals with a sense of true care for my eyes. Thank you so much. Dr. Thomas Dempsey is the best! Happy New year 🙂 S.M.

Excellent visit- great with my daughter's first eye exam. A.L.My visit was a totally delightful experience! The care that I received was at the highest standard of excellence!! D.E.

Keep up the great customer service you provide. R.M.

Dr. Dempsey is a wonderful doctor. Always cares about the patient. C.B.

It was my first time seeing Dr. Sadanowicz. She was very pleasant and welcoming. thank you for the excellent experience. My regards to Dr. Dempsey who I haven't seen in a couple of years. Happy New Year to all the staff. C.G.

2016 Reviews

Dr. Dempsey was great. He was kind, gentle, and did a great job explaining everything to me in terms that I would understand. The other staff were great with helping me pick out frames and being very patient with me especially since my eyes were dialated and it was tough to see. The ENTIRE staff was excellent and amazing with my daughter who is 6 months. Everyone was nice and caring. Multiple people even offered to get the door for me as I was leaving since I was carrying a carseat, diaper bag, and purse. Everyone there was very nice. They were also very honest with me about which frames looked best on me, which is so nice. Thank you Colchester Eye Care. I will definitely be back! B.G.

Recently saw dr . Sadanowicz for my annual visit. She was very thorough and explained everything as she went through each procedure. All of my questions were answered and I never felt rushed out the door. She is very compassionate and I felt very valued as a patient ! Highly recommend to my friends and family. Necia S., Colchester, CT

The service and knowledge is second to none... The office staff is wonderful and I would recommend any one of the docs. I have had them all for appointments, over the years and they are all, charming, talented, caring and very knowledgeable about your eyes and eye health. Also were excellent with my 9 year old daughter. I highly recommend Colchester Eye Care. Jeannette S., Colchester, CT

This was my first visit, and I was very pleased. The office staff was very friendly. Dr. Wedeking, was very thorough in her exam, and explained all of her findings extremely well. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. Judith F., Colchester, CT

I've had a painful and frightening problem with one of my left eye for over a year and was feeling hopeless about getting relief. From the moment I walked through the door of Colchester Eye Care for the first time in pain and desperation and without an appointment, I have been treated with kindness, caring and respect by everyone. Though my medical issue hasn't been completely solved yet, it is improved and I have a competent professional working with me towards a diagnosis and solution. I have hope that my eye will be healed. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone in the office and especially Dr. Wedeking. S.A.

Yours will always be my favorite doctors' office. It doesn't hurt that my Dr. Ola is the absolute best also. It was so nice to see all of you. Sorry I missed you Dr. Tom. Miss you guys! C.L.

Always love my visits with Dr. Dempsey. P.G.

This was my first experience with Colchester Eye Care and I was beyond pleased with the courtesy and knowledge of the staff from the moment I walked in the door. I will definitely be returning for all of my eye care needs and will be referring all of my friends and family to Colchester Eye Care. Thank you for a great experience from start to finish! J.P.

Great experience as always! D.D.

I have been coming to Dr. Dempsey for years. I have a recurring erosion in one of my eyes, and he does a phenomenal job treating it and explaining it to me. S.P.

My recent visit was my first visit to an optometrist in over 5 years. I learned how important having your eyes checked annually is to your over all health, and wellbeing. It is about more than just your eyes. Thank you all, see you next year. R.O.5 Star service. H.M.I was supposed to see Dr.Dempsey but was slotted to see Dr.Wedeking when I arrived. I must say, I was very pleased with Dr.Wedeking. She was as thorough and pleasant as Dr.Dempsey. M.L.

Always a pleasure. Everyone friendly, professional and knowledgeable Thanks so much P.E.

Keep up the great work! S.O.

Extremely friendly and personal service. Highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals. Thank you! N.L.Grateful for diagnosing my retinal tear and setting up its repair. S.D.

Everything was great, just continue the way you are. E.L.

I always feel reassured when I visit Dr that I am receiving superior care. He is a very competent and friendly. You're the best,Doc!!! J.W.

Extremely friendly and personable staff!! They certainly catered to their patients E.D.

I would recommend [Dr.Sadanowicz] to friends and family. Very efficient and pleasant. I have sent friends to this eye doctor. K.S.

Dr. Dempsey is a remarkable physician, well trained and fluid in all aspects of eye care. He is also a thoughtful, compassionate doctor who is reassuring and sensitive to his patient's needs. The staff of Colchester Eye Care are unusually pleasant and cooperative. It is a pleasure to visit the office. I would not hesitate in recommending the practice.  I thank Dr. Dempsey and the staff for their help. J.L.

You folks are awesome. I appreciate what you do! J.L.

Several changes/ improvements in the past year are markedly noticeable...great staff, great overall service. I drive 45 minutes to go to this eye care center. It's worth it! J.M.

Entire staff is courteous and professional. S.G.

Love Colchester Eye Care! K.O.

Dr Dempsey is a wonderful caring doctor to my husband Rob and myself. We wouldn't trade him for anyone ! P.P.

I have not seen Dr. Sadanowicz before. I liked her very much and sheexplained things very well. I have always had good care at your practice and our entire family goes there. Thank you! D.P

I am very happy with the care I receive and know I cannot make any suggestions to the excellent service.  G.T.

Having worked in front desk and client service roles for most of my life I know there is always room for constructive criticism but from walking in to set up an appointment to the appointment itself I was more than pleased. A group of people that seem to like and respect each other. Good team work!  I.P.

Keep doing what you're doing. Fabulous job- you're a great business for our little town! L.A.

Very happy with the way everything is handled.  C.O.

Always professional and courteous. I wouldn't go anywhere else for eye care. Thank you! J.M.

A patient for many years...always a fan!!  B.S.

I personally think you do an awesome job. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all that you do.  M.K.

Excellent care and very happy with my visit.  B.J.

I just wanted to say what a pleasant experience my eye appointment and exam has been! I felt that other than my dilated eyes and a picture perfect blue sky day (i.e. lots of sun) that I left your office well informed and confident that I am good for another year.  Thank you.  L.PT

Dr. Sadanowicz, was extremely helpful! She assisted me with recommendations for contact lubricant and I appreciated that very much! Also, all the staff is exceptional! I recommend everyone to go there!  S.G.

Excellent experience and a feeling of being well cared for by Dr. Dempsey and the entire staff in a comfortable, beautiful, interesting and very clean facility! I have, an will continue to recommend Colchester Eye Care to friends and family. Sorry, I can't think of anything to suggest as an improvement! B.P.

Very difficult to improve when you are doing everything the right way. Thanks. R.S.

Keep up the excellent work! C.B.

always perfectly professional. keep up the good work.  J.K.

Always a good experience....K.C.

I am a patient of Dr. Dempsey's and due to is his schedule, I had to make an appointment with Dr. Wedeking. She was awesome. Very thorough, explained everything, and determined. Would never hesitate to see her again. Thank you.  B.S.

Everything was perfect!  B.P.

Colchester Eye Care is the BEST!  G.L.

Everyone was very helpful in helping me to understand my Insurance coverage. It's new to me and I was not fully aware of what it covered. Thank you for the help everyone. G.G.

Excellent care all around. Very happy with my visit. The whole team is very organized, experienced, and a pleasure to interact with.  S.A.

I have been going to Dr. Dempsey for many years. The staff is very friendly and efficient. I have been treated by all the docs and find them all very thorough and caring. I highly recommend Colchester Eye Care.  D.M.

I love Colchester Eye Care.  Dr. Dempsey is excellent and has an excellent chair side manner.  Very friendly office.  C.B.

2015 Reviews

Fantastic service! We drive an hour to their offices because he is the best.  G.G.

You always have exceptional service. Your doctors are all very knowledgeable. Thank you!  N.S.

Excellent staff and care.  D.M.

Everything was perfect! Thank you!  B.W

Everything was perfect! Thank you!  B.W.

Staff was gracious enough to fit me in last minute, very much appreciated. Doctor even called me a week later to see how I was doing which was very thoughtful and thorough. Thank you so much for such great service!  E.C.

Very happy with Dr. Dempsey. T.M.

Hard to improve on excellence. K.D.

I have been very satisfied with your office. Keep up the good work!  J.F.

Thank you dr Dempsey for your thorough care. While I'm sure a scratch to the eye is common, it was extremely painful and uncomfortable. The care and compassion given to ensure I had relief was greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for taking me on short notice!  K.M.

You can't improve on perfection. M.D.

Keep up the good work.  The entire staff is pleasant and friendly.  I like that kind of service  G.R.

Office staff is extremely helpful and courteous. A pleasure to interact with!  S.D.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Stellar customer service. Thank you.  B.D.

Top notch practice. Completely satisfied. R.F.

You're the best! J.W.

Dr Dempsey is excellent and so is the staff. I also appreciate the contact before a visit as a reminder. J.P.

CEC is a place where improvements are always initiated, updating equipment and making our visits a treat. We always feel that the staff are our friends. Thanks to everyone for your patience and professionalism! P&H B.

You're all great! I.S.

No need to fix something that isn't broke! Keep on keepin on! All of you rock in my book! It's a pleasure to work with an office that mirror's the way the Dr is! Everyone has always been pleasant and courteous - if I had a dollar for every time Dr Dempsey said please n thank you during an exam I'd be rich by now 🙂 E.T.

You guys are awesome!! Keep it up! The staff is fantastic. Dr. Dempsy is knowledgable, took his time, and I felt very confident that I was getting the best care. Your lens selection is the best I’ve seen yet! J.J.

Retired Fortune 500 Director says "You have one of the nicest offices that I've ever seen... really 5 star!" Tom R.

You are the best!  J.R.

Have been seeing Dr. Dempsey and his office for years and have always received the best care. thank you.  L.Z.

I have nothing but good things to say about Colchester Eye Care. Our entire family has been there and we have been seen by all 3 doctors who do an amazing job. Dr. Sadanowicz, who I saw this week, was extremely professional, friendly and thorough. I am very impressed with Colchester Eye Care. G.G.

I am very pleased with Colchester Eye Care. W.B.

I've never had anything but a pleasant experience with this office and it's personnel. A.A.

I would like to thank Dr. Dempsey for his quality eye care services and his willingness to work with my wife and me in the cost of frames and lenses making it possible to purchase more than one pair of glasses for each of us that had he not helped in the cost we would not have been able to do. He is a remarkable professional with a caring personality. R.M.

No need to fix something when it is not broken.....great friendly staff keep it up!!!!!!!  M.G.

Hard to improve on excellent care all around. You have maintained this for the 3-4 years I have been a patient. Thank you.  R.R.There is not anything that will improve CEC. Nice place, great people! P.B.I love this office. It's so clean and organized, friendly and prompt.  K.S.I have seen Dr Dempsey on 2 occasions on the weekend for emergencies. Both times he has been phenomenal. I cannot say enough about him. I brag about how great he is around town. He called me both times at home later in the day to see how I was. Nowadays that doesn't happen. He's the best!  K.L.

2014 Reviews

I’d like to offer my comments about Colchester Eye Care – especially for anyone searching for a practice to provide eye care for their family.  My family and I have been with Colchester Eye Care since Dr. Dempsey took over the practice many years ago, and we have never once been disappointed.  We have mainly dealt with Dr. D, Karen Cullinen and Tracy Gale over the years, and we feel like we could tell them anything.  They are kind, caring, helpful, and take whatever time is necessary to provide an outstanding level of service to each and every patient, something you don’t always find these days.  You will never be rushed in and out.  If you call with a question you  can count on hearing back from them.  This is one of those rare practices that you would travel to even if you moved out of the area - and we recommend them without hesitation.


Very sincerely,


Lisa K. Sedlmeier

Executive Assistant to the President

Farmington Bank

Dr. Dempsey was very thorough in my exam and explaining what is being done. Top Notch!  M.L.

The experience was great. C.L.

Great group of people! Very satisfied with care given to patients.  J.B.

Everything was fantastic! My doctor could not have been better!  R.G.

Very understanding and professional. Thank you Dr. Sadanowicz!  K.R.

I LOVE THE STAFF AT THE OFFICE! Will never go anywhere else! Karen and Shannon were so amazing at helping me pick out the right glasses for me and Dr. Dempsey is amazing.  C.H.

Everyone that worked with me was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Thank you for such a positive experience.  N.S.Great. Friendly. Helpful. Personable. Inspires confidence in excellent care.  M.M.

Doctor Dempsey and the entire staff are a pleasure to deal with. You guys should be a model to all doctors offices!  B.M.

Staff and Doctors were friendly which created a positive atmosphere.  V.M.

I was very pleased with my first visit. Thank you.  S. F. M.

Thank you so much for squeezing my daughter in so quickly and working with us on our insurance coverage. "She" left the appointment excited about seeing well, getting glasses and that was all because of the way she was treated. thank you, thank you. M.M.

There is nothing to improve upon. Dr. Dempsey is totally awesome along with his staff. He is the best doctor I have ever seen. He's very down to earth, explains everything, very comfortable. My husband and I love him.  B.S.

Great visit as always.  B.P.

Wonderful! Great service. Keep up the great work.  F.V.

Can't improve!  Everything was great!!  R.R.

I am confident Dr. Dempsey has always gone above and beyond delivering the best possible care and advice in regard to my optical needs. Thank you.  L.B.

No improvement needed, you were all excellent and exceeded my expectations.  J.S.

I had a great visit and they helped me pick out new glasses and I love them!  M.M.

Anne Engdahl  wrote:

"Thank you so much for your efficiency and concerns caring for my eyes.  It is so nice and reassuring to know that doctors and their staff are still such caring people.  You're one in a million!!

...We should definitely have a special day for doctor recognition.  Dr Dempsey, you would be on the top of the list; your staff, too!"

From the Sullivan family:

"Thank you so much for your prompt call back, support and guidance over the phone following our distress call on Friday.  Thank you, too, for your follow-up calls. ...

We really appreciated your concern and it is so nice to know you are there to help in a pinch!  Thanks again for everything"

Lindsay Riordan wrote:

"It means a lot to me to know that there are people out there like yourself who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to send letters and birthday wishes, to call their patients at home and check on their general well-being.  You have been beyond kind and I would like you to know that I truly appreciate it!"

Laurie Stanavage wrote:

Dear Dr. Dempsey,

Thank you for taking Jessy in on such short notice when she had ...   You worked quickly and followed-up with us to make sure she was improving.  Not many (if any) doctors have that personal-touch any more.

Thank you for all you do.

Father Michael Smith (Church of the Holy Family) wrote:

Dear Dr. Dempsey,

Thank you once again for taking care of my vision and being so generous.  I appreciate your kindness and all that you do for me.  You are truly a blessing.

Hope you had a great Easter.  You remain in my prayers.  Thank you for nourishing others.