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Ordering Contacts Online in Colchester and Hebron

To Order Contacts in Colchester, Click Here
To Order Contacts in Hebron, Click Here


Buying local helps your friends, your neighbors and yourselves.

Just a few reasons for buying Contact Lenses and supplies from your local Colchester and Hebron Eye Doctors.

  1. We provide free delivery for 2 boxes or more.
  2. We offer curbside pickup for contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses.
  3. We have online rebates for annual supplies that help to keep your contacts at the lowest price.
  4. We offer a free pair of OP sunglasses with a year supply of daily contact lenses.

Unlike online places, We stand behind everything we sell.

Please remember that every time you purchase locally you support local jobs since we employ local people, local taxes because we sure do pay them, local charities and sports teams because we support all the things our patients love.

Thank You for Buying Local!


Please Note: Face Masks are required per the CDC and state of Connecticut Health Guidelines